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As global industries become more and more complex, industrial projects and production sites demand logistics experts with global experience and innovative solutions. MAURILOG Global Projects & Industry Solutions provide that combination. We cover the full range of project freight management, supply chain solutions and transportation of materials from the suppliers’ point of delivery to receipt at fabrication yards, warehouses, or any other delivery/receiving locations, as required by the client.

Berth 1

Berth 2

Berth 3

Berth 4

Berth 5

Berth 6

Berth 7

Alpha Yard 32,000m²

VIP Yard 22,935m²

Bravo Yard 39,697m²

Echo Yard 29,268m²

Port Entrance

Dedicated Berth space


The need to lift or move equipment involves the need for plant and equipment such as Cranes, Forklifts and Vehicles. Our extensive fleet of plant equipment is owned, maintained and used to service our clients both from Oil& Gas and commercial standpoint. A dedicated servicing and maintenance facility is set up and management by highly qualified and experienced personnel.

Bravo office

In a globalized world, we believe there is more to transportation and logistics than just moving goods from point A to point B. The key to our success? We enjoy being part of something larger than ourselves by advancing our customers, people, and the lives of everyone around us. Together we are working to achieve dreams — this keeps us moving every day. 


It doesn’t matter where you start. What matters is where you want to go. Where you focus your attention and efforts will bring you personal meaning. Whether you are still a school student, in further education, a graduate or have already some years of professional experience, we are looking for people like you.