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Licenses & certifications

Maurilog is the first and only company in Mauritania to be certified by DNV

TRACE Certification is a heavily benchmarked and comprehensive due diligence review, analysis and approval process establishing that an individual or organization has been thoroughly vetted, trained and certified by TRACE, the world’s leading anti-bribery standard setting organization.

DNV GL certification ensures the reliability of components and systems in the face of marine hazards. In the marine and offshore sector, this certification is a reference. Maritime actors recognize DNV GL certification as a guarantee that military and professional ships cannot escape.

International Cyanide Management Institute is a voluntary program designed to assist the global gold and silver mining industries and the producers and transporters of cyanide used in gold and silver mining in improving cyanide management practices and to publicly demonstrate their compliance with the Cyanide Code through an independent and transparent process. 

Apave Certification is a recognised and independent body (third party) specialised in Certification engineering. Apave Certification relays on a network of qualified internal and external auditors, all over France and internationally.